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Impregnated decking board

Nordic pine planed boards and beams

Impregnated half-round rails

Our activity

Despite the fact that modern global market is full of man-made and composite goods, timber is still the most popular and demanded product as it used to be centuries ago. Eco-friendly, tight and 100% natural material can be used for implementation of various architectural and decorative projects. The one and only existing disadvantage of wooden products — rotting — can be easily avoided nowadays.

Our company — Standart Wood LLC is focused on wooden products treatment by using modern and highly-effective technology of impregnation. The main purpose of this process is to avoid any chance of wooden biodegradability such as rotting, caused by high level of humidity. Here is the core of technological process:

The company «Standard Wood» is one of the first producers of impregnated wood in Russia operating since 2010. The company’s sales geography covers the entire territory of Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. Previously, the company was located in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region, now the production center and warehouse of the company are located in Khokhlovo, Vologda region, and the sales office is in Saint-Petersburg.

About production

Because of unstable weather conditions, wooden constructions are under a strong pressure of environment. If climate is warm and humidity is high, common wooden products get rotten too fast and become useless at all. This fact causes customers` demand for purchasing new materials and unplanned extra expenses at the best; in the worst case consequences could be really dangerous and tragic.

Biodegradability of unimpregnated wood begins as soon as its moisture exceeds 18%. In practice, moisture level of timber applied in outdoor constructions often reaches 20-25%, if construction touches ground then moisture level of wood even can exceed 30%. That`s why it’s necessary to use only impregnated wooden products for all outdoor objects. Only impregnated wood can guarantee compliance with requirements for wooden items to be used for outdoor constructions.

Impregnated decking board

Pinewood decking boards, impregnated in autoclave by using Tanalith E® antiseptic in accordance with 3rd and 4th classes of impregnation.

Colour Dimensions (mm) Linear meters/1m3
green 28 х 90 396
brown 28 х 90 396
green 28 х 95 376
brown 28 х 95 376
green 28 х 108 331
brown 28 х 108 331
green 28 х 120 298
brown 28 х 120 298
Product dimensions Product dimensions

We offer impregnated pinewood decking boards made of sort AB Nordic pinewood performed in green and brown colors. Decking board surface profiles — Finnish profile (three twin striations) and velvet profile. Decking board is integral part of projects related to building terraces, arbours, deckings, garden pathways, quays, piers and decorative gardening.

The decking board is used for manufacturing of those kinds of structural building elements that are the most prone to intense pressure and negative effects of environment. Only properly prepared high-quality material can withstand serious tests confidently.

The special board for terraces is distinguished from its deck counterpart by a corrugated surface, or anti-slip, that protects against slipping and provides increased resistance to climatic influence. On the reverse side, decking board is equipped with small cuts – compensation grooves. It allows to reduce depreciation of material in different weather conditions. Impregnated decking board – lumber having undergone vacuum impregnation with protective antiseptic compounds in autoclave. That’s why it’s endowed with special toughness and durability.

Impregnation provides strong protection of wood and significantly extends service life of wooden product as a contsruction material. Impregnated pine decking board will be able to serve for decades reliably, facing high air-humidity and having a constant contact with ground at the same time. Due to such unique features, deeply treated materials are actively used for flooring in open-air spaces, saunas and baths, also impregnated decking board is very needed for making courts and pathways right near lakes, rivers or swimming pools.

High-quality impregnation makes it possible to use decking board while making garden paths and decorative bridges in the countryside. We offer safe and durable material for constructing stairs and podiums in summer pavilions and terraces.

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Nordic pine planed boards and beams

Pinewood boards and beams, impregnated in autoclave by using Tanalith E® antiseptic in accordance with 3rd and 4th classes of impregnation.

Colour Dimensions (mm) Linear meters/1m3
green 15 х 50 1333
brown 15 х 50 1333
green 50 х 50 400
brown 50 х 50 400
green 12 х 60 1389
brown 12 х 60 1389
green 80 х 80 156
brown 80 х 80 156
green 15 х 100 667
brown 15 х 100 667
green 19 х 100 526
brown 19 х 100 526
green 25 х 100 400
brown 25 х 100 400
green 32 х 100 312
brown 32 х 100 312
green 40 х 100 250
brown 40 х 100 250
green 50 х 100 200
brown 50 х 100 200
green 100 х 100 100
brown 100 х 100 100
green 32 х 125 250
brown 32 х 125 250
green 50 х 125 160
brown 50 х 125 160
green 50 х 150 133
brown 50 х 150 133
green 50 х 200 64
brown 50 х 200 64
Product dimensions Product dimensions

We offer impregnated pinewood boards and beams performed in green and brown colors. All products are made of sort AB Nordic pinewood. Shipping dry KD 18-20%. Our production is integral part of projects related to building terraces, pergolas, quays, pierces, enclosures, fences, walls.

You can place an order with our company for impregnated wooden products suitable for various constructing purposes. One of the most important elements of building constructions is impregnated decking board. We offer impregnated wooden board and square timber which is integral part in constructing houses, terraces, arbours, deckings, garden pathways, quays, piers and decorative gardening because of high risks of negative environmental influence on these kind of constructions. All these products are made of high quality impregnated wood will have a long service life making many generations of family members satisfied.

You are warmly welcome to get learn more about our product assortment and order high quality wooden products for your house, garden and another outdoor projects. Our company is interested in partnership with both private clients and industrial enterprises. Also we look forward to exporting our production to CIS countries, Europe and all parts of the world.

Product prices are available upon request.

If you didn’t find needed product dimension, please let us know what exactly you would like to order and we make production upon your request.

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Impregnated half-round rails

photo_2022-06-04 12.11.55

Pinewood half-round rails impregnated in autoclave with by Tanalith E® antiseptic in accordance with 3rd and 4th classes of impregnation.

  • Diameter from 50 to 160 mm;
  • Length from 1000 to 6000 mm

Impregnated half-round rails are performed in green and brown colours.

Impregnated pinewood half-round rails is an original solution for building walls, barriers and fences in countryside, as well as for highway guard rails providing drivers’ safety and preventing wildlife animals from entering the highways. Constructions made of half-round rails will draw attention with their designs, durability and toughness. Half-round rail is produced in the following way: cylindered pinewood pole is sawn longitudinally over its whole length on the special equipment, as a result there are two equal half-round rails. After it, all produced amount of production is placed into drying chamber and the final stage is deep impregnation in autoclave.

In addition to half-round rails we recommend to order impregnated pinewood stakes and poles. For more information please use the link below.

The technology of impregnated wood manufacturing

In order to produce impregnated wood Standart Wood uses Tanalith E® treatment antiseptic. Deep impregnation is carried out in special equipment which main part is autoclave.

The process of impregnation — “vacuum-pressure-vacuum” consists of the following stages:

As a result, Tanalith E® components are set in wooden structure in such way that antiseptic can’t be removed at all. So thanks to this technology, wooden products are endowed with durable protection from dry rot, mold, insects (especially termites) and can withstand bad weather conditions.

Classes of wooden impregnation

The quality of impregnation mostly depends on the type of wood, the special feature of wood, moisture and the process of impregnation.

Accordingly to customers’ needs there are several classes of wooden impregnation characterized by their special features through which wooden products could be used for different purposes.

Class 1

Can be used above the ground and in dry places covered by roof. There is a risk of insects infestation

Class 2

Can be also used above the ground and in dry places covered by roof but may be affected by moisture

Class 3

Can be used above the ground in wet uncovered places (e.g terraces). Also possible to use it in the ground which is not particularly wet

Class 4

Should be used in the case of direct contact with water and in the particularly wet ground

Areas of use of timber impregnated with Tanalith E® antiseptic 

Gardening and landscape design

Decking, terraces, pergolas, gazebos, playgrounds for children, fencing, benches and picnic tables, signs and waste bins.

Agriculture, fruit orchards, vineyards

Cylindered stakes and poles for fruit trees, bushes and berry crops

Fences, walls etc.

Square timber — boards and beams, cylindered poles and half-round rails for walls, fences and barriers on highways and railways; fences, enclosures, paddocks, wildlife protection in countryside.


Timber for shipbuilding, floors for rail and road vehicles, container floors and linings, crates, cable drums, refrigerated ship hold linings, refrigerated wagons, manhole covers and fish holds (Australian Quarantine Regulations).


Transmission line supports, decks, frames, drum stands, bridges and bridge decks, handrails, cable drums, noise reduction screens.

House construction 

Foundations, basements, wall framing, beams, joists, rafters, exterior joinery, battens, cladding, roofing, general purpose timber for residential and industrial construction.

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Experts’ opinion on our production

Service life of impregnated wood is in 5 times longer than service life of usual unimpregnated wood and there is no need to renew paint or laquer coating constantly
Sergei Petrov
Only impregnated wood can guarantee compliance with requirements for wooden items used in outdoor constructions.
Vlad Garayan
forestry magnate
Impregnated wood is environmental friendly product. It is not harmful for people and domestic animals.
Vladimir Timonovsky
Service life of impregnated wood is almost unlimited
Alexander Arzamastcev
Using of impregnated wood can significantly save forest resources because of it’s outstanding durability.
Roman Knyazev
When there’s a risk of contact of wooden constructions with wet ground and water or local climate conditions are characterised by high humidity and rains, I always use impregnated wood
Anatoly Zhuravlev

What can be made of impregnated wood?

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